FAQ & Studio Etiquette

FAQ & Studio Etiquette

Designed to help you get along most efficiently at our Health Club.

Studio Etiquette:

  1. Text and Chat  Kindly leave your phone turned off during class. It is rude to the instructor, and disruptive to the folks around you that are there to enjoy the class. Let go for an hour. Honestly. Let go.
  2. Cross Talk   Talking during the class is rude and disruptive to the spiritual folks around you. Catch up with your neighbor before or after class, just not during class. Do we actually have to write this down?
  3. Laundry   We ride close together so we can feel each other’s energy. With that being said, your neighbor does not want to breathe your odor, cologne, or perfume. Deodorant is suggested & welcomed, but let’s remember you are here to exercise.
  4. Kindness is cool    Respect the rider on your left and the rider on your right. Treat the front desk the way you would like them to treat you. Remember what your mom always said….  “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  5. The Pack  There is a direct correlation between your energy and your neighbor’s ride. If you want to do your own thing, please choose the class thats happening out in the parking lot. You can go crazy there. We welcome you out there, infact….we insist. When you’re the only person doing push-ups on your bike…..you look crazy, when you’re feeling the music and doing a strip tease on your bike, you look crazy. You’re the only one doing this. Again. Choose the class out in the parking lot.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I ask you a question?    Yes!
  2. I brought a friend, can they take class for free?    Yes! but it’s going to cost you 29$
  3. But my friend might join your gym….    That would be awesome, but until they do join, a day pass is 29$
  4. But, it’s the last class of the day, do I still have to pay 29$?     Yes, The good news is that our day passes are good for 24 hours, so they can come back tomorrow under the same day pass
  5. I’m driving in circles, and can’t find you…..where are you?       Ummm, Where are you?
  6. I’m running 20 minutes late, but I’m on my way, is that ok?      All good. The only hiccup we can see is that your appointment is only thirty minutes long, so we only have 10 minutes for your service. I hope that’s alright if we only shape one brow today.
  7. I bought a Groupon 3 years ago, can I use it still?         Really?……  Ohhh…you’re serious….  No.
  8. I bought a Groupon 2 years ago, can I use it still?         Really?……  Ohhh…you’re serious….  No.
  9. I bought a Groupon 1 year ago, can I use it still?            Really?……  Ohhh…you’re serious….  No.
  10. I bought a Groupon and only used 2 of my 5 classes, can my friend use the other 3?       No.
  11. Could I have a free class to see if I want to buy a Groupon?       No.     Did you not see the Groupon, it was 80% off….it’s basically free.
  12. I use Groupon as my gym membership, so let me know when you run another Groupon.        Look down at your hand, close it into a fist and start punching yourself repeatedly. Groupon is designed to introduce you to a business, not to be used as a membership. You are single-handedly the reason that Brick and Mortar businesses are closing. We would like to go to your husbands business and go there for free for months.
  13. Can I bring my own fan to class?   Yes. The ones that mount on a bike, are very convenient and not disruptive to anyone else.
  14. Do you have printed schedules?  No, we are a green company and don’t like to waste paper. You’re reading this on the internet, look at the schedule on the internet.
  15. Please tell me you don’t play EDM in class…….   We play all types of music, broaden your mind.
  16. Please tell me you don’t play Hip Hop in class…… We play all types of music, broaden your mind.
  17. Please tell me you don’t play Rock & Roll in class…… We play all types of music, broaden your mind.
  18. I didn’t know one song in class……    crawl out from under the rock sweetheart, open iTunes and broaden your mind.
  19. The class was sexist, you didn’t play any female artists…….   Ok. #metoo.  I live with three women, very strong women. I teach aerobics, around gay men and lesbian women and have all my life. My best friend is a black man, who cares about his skin color, he’s amazing. I support all races, all equalities and have long before it was a fad. The music in class is not chosen based on whether or not a female wrote it, or black man wrote it, was just chosen for the moment.  #mostignorantcommentever
  20. Can I bring my child to class?   Yes, they need to weigh 100lbs, it’s not a height thing or an age thing, its a weight thing. The fly wheel weighs 70lbs, it’s a lot for a child to push almost 80% of their own body weight.
  21. She weighs 90lbs so it will be alright……   Actually, no. Again. She needs to weigh 100lbs minimum.
  22. I run an online advertising……       No
  23. But……    No
  24. Do you ever advertise…..   No
  25. I could teach a class for you, it’s one that I made up myself…..  No